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Introducing India

The country of India consists of a variety of flavors and fragrances. Elements of color are seen in the country, and Indians have a lot of interest in wearing colorful and beautiful clothes. The secret monasteries and luxurious palaces are only a small part of the beauty of India. In general, the monuments of this country are amazing. India is a land of conflict. In this country, you can see the tribes and also the various races that live together well. In general, according to statistics, one sixth of the world's population lives in this country. Therefore, it would be better if the existence of different religions in this country would not be strange or unbelievable. In India, there are a number of magnificent skyscrapers and apartments that are very beautiful and delightful in rural villas. You can visit the Indian country with any taste in the Indian tour.

Indian culture and language

In India, some in the big cities live with the best facilities, and others are gathered together in the most remote village and have a beautiful life. Living conditions in India are very interesting.

In this country jealousy is meaningless. There are many people who live together with many class distances. A lifetime is required to visit all of India's most spectacular locations. The nature of India is very beautiful and diverse. The public speaks Indian. There are about 32 recorded works in UNESCO World Heritage. You can visit this spectacular country every season and enjoy the Indian tour. Generally, the three well-known triangles of India, namely Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, are among the most visited destinations of travelers. The official language in this country is Hindi, and of course English is also the common language in this country. The currency is Indian Rupee and is known as ISO code.

Weather in India

Weather in India

In general, the weather in India is warm at many times of the year, which makes it difficult for summer people to travel to this country. Of course, every city in India has its own climate, and it can not be said that atmospheric conditions are the same in different parts of India. The coldest weather in India is seen in early November, it's cold until late November. In this period, the early hours of the night will generally be very cold. In general, Indian hot days are coming to India with sunny weather. Air temperatures have been reported in March more than in other months. In the recent survey, we found that in June most rainy days are seen in India.

Best time to travel to India

The country of India is a vast area, which has led to more climate diversity in the area. In fact, the best time to travel to India is different depending on the area you are planning to travel to.

The West Himalaya is one of the most sought after parts of the trip to India. It is better to travel to this section from March to October. In fact, from July to August, the weather is cold and it has wet winters. Considering that Shimla is located in the higher part, it seems colder in winter. The best option for the months of April to June is to travel to cities such as Delhi and Locarno. These months are more suitable and hotter areas. Central parts of India have the best weather from November to February. The night is getting colder. The west of India generally has the best weather, and East India is generally cooler than other areas due to flooding.

Indian Flight Information

There are about 15 airports in India, each in a particular region. For example, Ahmedabad Airport is one of the international airports in India, which takes thousands of flights from the airport in the year. Raja International Airport is located in Bhopal. The airport has two well-equipped terminals that operate in a distinct way.

Caves of India

Caves of India

There are some amazing caves in India, which are a bit scary in the first view. One of these caves is called Ajanta. Generally, there are spectacular examples of Indian culture in these caves. Ajanta caves are located 40 km from the city of Jalgaon, and there are over 30 caves in this complex. In each cave is a series of religious paintings, most of which are about Buddha. The cave dates back two centuries ago. If you look at the images on the walls of these caves, you will find that the Khosrow Parviz delegation has been carved on it. In the other part of the area lies the Elora Caves, which has about 12 Buddhist caves, belonging to the sixth and eighth centuries. In this area, there is a special coordination of Indian history.

The tour of the Indian tour among the thousands of Indian temples is one of the best features of the country. India is a land with different religions and beliefs. There are several temples in this country, which is not a pleasure to visit each one.

The Golden Temple is one of the most classic and sacred temples in India, with a huge stone chariot. Visiting this beautiful area is very enjoyable.

The most important sights of India

The Ganges River is one of the largest and most beautiful rivers in India, located on the Indian subcontinent. This magnificent river is very beautiful for the Hindus. In fact, in the city of Varanasi, you can see in the coast of this river, thousands of women and men who are engaged in worship at sunrise and sunset. Here are some traditional ghosts for men. These rivers flow around the north of India. Delhi is one of the most beautiful cities in India, rich in history and architecture. It is the capital of fashion, film and commerce. Mumbai is one of the most controversial cities in India. In the city, the tallest Indian skyscrapers are located in ruinous markets, which looks very strange. Indian tourists in this city can visit colonial buildings and unique restaurants.

The most famous tourist attractions in the Indian tour

Kashmir is located in the northwestern part of the Indian Peninsula, which is very beautiful and spectacular. This plain of flowers is strangely taking photographs to you. The old mosques, as well as the Mughal gardens and the lakes that are in this city, make the boats move slowly from the northern part and the south. Mongolian gardens are called gardens, built by Iranian Gurkhanis in Iranian style, and by walking in this garden, the ghosts will be destroyed in the best way.

The mountain towns of India are the most beautiful sights in the mountain range. In fact, according to this section, you will watch the replica of the UK. In this area, the old hotels and white churches are located which are indicative of British colonialism.

Indian dry beaches

Indian dry beaches

India has many beaches that attract pro-coastal people. In general, the beaches of South India are more famous than other parts of the tourists tour of India.

Rajasthan is one of the most spectacular areas of India. Desert castles, as well as magnificent temples, are one of the most important parts of Rajasthan. You can enjoy riding a camel in these cities and get acquainted with the lives of people known as desert. Keep in mind that the center of this state is called Jaipur. Kerala is also among the most visited places in the south of India. If you want to get away from urban life, go to these areas. In this state you can visit sightseeing villages and beautiful beaches. Kuala Lumpur also offers the best seafood.

At Indian National Parks, watch rare Asian elephants and visit the Unicorn and Tigers horde. The Kolodo Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations for India tourists. Surfing the Kolkata of the Indian Art Capital will surely provide you with fascinating memories.

The most beautiful places in India

If you want to imagine heaven in front of your eyes, travel to the beautiful Andaman area. There are islands in the area with spectacular and beautiful beaches. You can rest on Andaman Islands and enjoy the most delicious seafood. The area still retains its old texture. The nature of Becker Goa is from other spectacular places in India. This nature is surrounded by large green hills, along with large rivers. The crops in this area are very beautiful and amazing. You can experience the widest Indian coast in Goa. Keep in mind that the brilliant sunshine of this area has caused thousands of people to come to their attention each year.

Indoor areas of India

Kerala Lagoon is one of the most beautiful areas in India. It is in fact a series of lagoons located in the state of Kerala. This marsh has been drawn along the Arabian Sea. You can get acquainted with aquatic animals such as crabs and frogs, as well as blue birds. In these swamps, boat rides with traditional brass boats are very enjoyable. The other names of these boats are hanging hotels. The lake is one of the most spectacular places in India, which is located in Odeyapur. This lake is known as the Royal Palace of the Summer. Today the palace has become a very luxurious 5-star hotel.

Indoor areas of India

Agra jewelry store

The Agra Jewels Shopping Center is one of the most important shopping malls that has very beautiful ornaments in India. In this center, precious stones are specially shaped, and there are emeralds as well as precious jewels at this shopping center. If you are interested in working on jewelry, you can pay a visit to one of the artists by appointment. A little further away from this shopping center is the small Veja Museum, which has the best three-dimensional product. In fact, three-dimensional paintings in this very beautiful and eye-catching area.

India Daily Hot Market

The Daily Hat Market is an open market where Indian handicrafts are located in this section. This market is operated by tourism and transportation companies. Unlike other markets, it works permanently, you can visit traditional shopping stands at these shopping centers. The best place to buy souvenirs is Daily Hat. In fact, the best silk fabrics at a cheap price are sold in this market.

Indiana Palika Market

The Palika market is considered to be the old and famous Delhi market. This market is a good option for buying women's clothes. In this market, you can buy beauty products with the lowest budget. The decorations of this market are very famous.

Cp shopping center

This market, which is shortly called " cp ", is one of the most famous and stylish markets in Delhi. In fact, anyone who participates in the Indian tour is interested in visiting this shopping mall. The most famous and expensive brands are available at this center. You can go to the shopping center via the subway. Trip to Delhi is unique.

The Gray Kilach Market

This market is very famous in India. In fact, this market is divided into two distinct parts. There are supermarket stores that are very beautiful and international in this stylish market located south of Delhi. You can visit this beautiful collection on Tuesday for free. You can also access this market through the metro.

Cleckt City Vick Shopping Center

This shopping center is located in the quiet area of ??Delhi. This very large complex has several commercial offices and it is surrounded by beautiful apartments. This collection has three sections in a collection of 180 stores. Famous names such as Kelvin Klein and LIVE are in this collection. Top brands of makeup are also sold at this shopping center.

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